Updating an Evidence Rating

When new evidence or related information becomes available, it is sometimes necessary to update an evidence rating. This is carried out under one or more of the following conditions:

  • New evaluation studies, or studies not previously identified, are submitted that meet the criteria. This may include studies that extend the follow-up period of previous studies.
  • New supplemental materials are submitted that are not evaluation studies, but more thoroughly explain the conceptual framework and fidelity dimensions of the program.
  • Other published work is identified that could affect the evidence rating.

If a Lead Researcher determines that there is sufficient evidence in the new materials to warrant a new review, then the new studies will be sent to Study Reviewers for assessment. The new materials may or may not be sufficient to warrant a new evidence rating. New evidence and materials may be included or referenced in multiple locations on the profile page.

More information about Inquiring About or Appealing an Evidence Rating

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