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Programs Identified but Not Rated on

We have identified thousands of programs in our literature reviews, but not every program makes it onto with a rating.

We use rigorous research to inform you about what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice and crime victim services. We set a high bar for the scientific quality of the evaluations reviewed in order to assign a program's final rating. Many evaluations that we discover in our literature reviews do not meet the minimum rating criteria, thus the associated programs do not receive a final rating.

We maintain two lists of programs that we have identified but that were not assigned ratings:

  1. Programs that were screened out during the initial review. In the figure below, this occurs in Steps 1-3.
    View the list of screened-out programs (xlsx).
  2. Programs that made it past the initial review but, during the full review process, were determined to have insufficient evidence for a rating to be assigned. In the figure below, this occurs in Steps 7-8.
    View the list of programs reviewed but not assigned a rating (xlsx).

Programs are not placed on these lists because of weaknesses in the programs themselves. Instead, our reviewers have determined that the available evidence was insufficient for a program rating to be assigned.

We post these lists so that you can see the full breadth of programs that we have reviewed for This list also demonstrates the need for additional evaluation research in order to improve the evidence base for these programs and so that they can be reviewed on

Figure: The Process of Reviewing and Rating a Program’s Evidence of Effects on
See Program Review and Rating from Start to Finish for a complete description of each step.

Flowchart showing the process or reviewing and rating a program's evidence of effects on