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Forensics/Evidence Programs at a Glance
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Technology & Forensics


There is a broad array of forensic science disciplines. Laboratory-based forensic science includes DNA, toxicology, and drug analyses; whereas other disciplines are based on expert analysis and interpretation such as fingerprints, writing samples, and ballistics. During an investigation, forensic evidence may be collected at a crime scene, analyzed in a laboratory, and presented in court as evidence.


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OJP Publications

Development of a DNA-Based Multi-Species Identification and Quantification Assay, NIJ-Sponsored, 2014
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Sperm Capture Using Aptamer Based Technology, NIJ-Sponsored, 2014

Reliability Assessment of Current Methods in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, NIJ-Sponsored, 2014
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Establishing Blow Fly Development and Sampling Procedures to Estimate Postmortem Intervals, NIJ-Sponsored, 2014

Forensic Science Research & Development, NIJ, August 2014

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Questions and Answers

Who can I contact if I have questions about the funding I was awarded as part of The DNA Initiative?
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Are employment opportunities available in the field of forensic science?
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Where can I locate information on the use of DNA to solve property crimes?
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